by Knuckle Buster

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released September 26, 2016

Vocals / Guitar: Andrew Auman
Bass Guitar: Brandon Terrell
Vocals / Drums: Zac Lasster

Lyrics by Andrew Auman & Zac Lassiter
Music by Knuckle Buster

Gang Vocals include:
Andrew Auman
Brandon Terrell
Colin Rhodes
Evan Rhodes
Zac Lassiter

Mixed and Mastered by Colin & Evan Rhodes
Album Artwork by Kevin Hardin

Special thanks to Jared Dozier and Reid Brown for past contributions to Knuckle Buster



all rights reserved


KnuckleBuster High Point, North Carolina

Politically Charged North Carolina Crossover Thrash from Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Track Name: The Triggering
Who are you to silence the voices of those with dissenting opinions?
Words are not a threat to your physical safety

This has gone way too far

Regressive ideologues burdening others with their inability to cope
Lacking in intellectual diversity

This is real
No safe spaces for you to hide behind

Redefinition to bloat your statistics

Inconvenient truths, ruining narratives
Back up your thoughts with facts and intellect

Iron sharpens iron
Sunlight will disinfect

Scrutiny and peer review
Track Name: Alone
Selfishness consuming your every thought
Your healing subdued by your choices that only affect yourself

Selfishness thinking only of yourself
Will distance you from the ones you love

You will find yourself alone
Through no fault but your own

Autonomy a worthwhile goal
but taken too far will leave you all alone

You will find yourself alone
Through no fault but your own
Track Name: The Ballad of Eric Garner
I can't breathe

Every time you see me you want to mess with me
I'm tired of this, it stops today

I'm minding my business, officer

Please just leave me alone
I told you the last time
Please just leave me alone
Please do not touch me

I'm minding my business, officer

I can't breathe.
Track Name: Debased
Degeneration is such a slow process
Every single day I watch it fall away into ash
Fade away
We are dissolving

Chained by desires
Consumed by our vices
Caged by our wants
Our bodies will waste away

Into my lungs
Poured down my throat
Blood fills my head
But it is never enough

Fading away
Fading to nothingness

Sluggish and bored
Eyes glazed to red
Bloated and idle
Fading away to dust

Fading away
Fading to nothingness

I refuse to be a slave to substance
You are an object, you lack the arms required to hold me

You can't hold me
I refuse
Track Name: Respect
Unity and positivity is worth so much more than the hate that fills your heart
Open your eyes, and put aside your childish prejudice

Give in to love
Surrender to respect

Unity and positivity is worth so much more than the blindness in your eyes
Open your mind, and educate yourself to the world at large

Give in to love
Surrender to respect

Let not hate divide you
Let only love guide you
When this hate is inside you
The people will find you

Your hollow purpose shall only beget your death
I pray for a new lens for your eyes